2004.01.20 18:40 "[Tiff] Reading Custom Tags", by David Christopher Asher

2004.01.20 17:14 "Re: [Tiff] Reading Custom Tags", by Frank Warmerdam

I am using version 3.6.0 of the library. Any help is appreciated!


I think you will find you need 3.6.1. There was a grevious bug in the custom tag support in 3.6.0.

Second, the custom tags will use "generic" semantics as I recall. Basically you will need to pass the count (a u_short) and then the pointer to be initialized.


     double *xyz;
     u_short count;

     TIFFGetField( tiff, 33550, &count, &xyz );

     assert( count == 3 );
     printf( "x=%g, y=%g, z=%g\n", xyz[0], xyz[1], xyz[2] );

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