1998.06.03 07:27 "Is there ANYONE can help me?", by Quanqing Cai

Hi, Everyone there:

May be I come to wrong place,but there no way for me sovling the problem, please forgive me.

I have a TIFF format File, which can be read by all TIFF-readable Graphics viewers, and I have a TIFF-reader program which also can read this TIFF file(under DOS), but this program can't read other TIFF-writer produced TIFF-file.

I have study this File, and know this file is TIFF 5.0 format (640X480X256 P), but there is a little diffrence with other TIFF 5.0 format files,this file some tags is:

   tag:273-StripOffsets type=long 60 items (startup is 2094 ,step is
   tag:278-RowPerStrip type=long 8
   tag:279-StripByteCount type=short 60 items(all is 0)
other TIFF 5.0 format files(such as produced by photoshop 4.0 as same
image) those tags is:
   tag:273-StripOffsets type=long 2066
   tag:278-RowPerStrip type=long 480
   tag:279-StripByteCount type=short 307200

My question is: which TIFF writer produce this style TIFF file? or can any one told me where to find the info about TIFF-related programing.

please dont't suggest me to crack the excutive program.

my email address is: caiqq@hotmail.com