2000.01.25 13:29 "libtiff: bugreport (many bugs)", by Stanislav Brabec

2000.01.25 22:10 "(Re:) tiff2ps: G4 compression in PostScript", by Stanislav Brabec

  • CAN ANYBODY HELP WITH THIS PROBLEM? I have tried contact Adobe developer support to obtain detailed specification of G4 compression but without result. Peter Deutsch, author of ghostscript, used different code, so testing on gs will not help.

The Group 4 Fax compression standard is available as a PDF that can be downloaded from the ITU for a nominal fee. It's at < http://www.itu.int//itudoc/itu-t/rec/t/index.html>.

I don't believe that problem is in G4 compression and libtiff (G4 images generated by libtiff are read, for example, by Adobe Photoshop 5), but in Adobe's way of implementing G4 (and G3) compression to PostScript. So, if anybody have access to commercial Adobe PostScript or commercial software writing G4 compressed EPSes, it will help to compare output of tiff2ps with this code.

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