1994.11.18 13:16 "beta021 compiler warnings on Amiga SAS/C 6.50", by Harald Fricke

1994.11.18 23:42 "Re: beta021 compiler warnings on Amiga SAS/C 6.50", by Alex Kiernan

I have noticed a lot of elaborate code in tif_atari.c handling lseeks past the current end-of-file. I'd like to know under what circumstances libtiff extends a file in this way because the Amiga I/O system does not allow this either. Are the library routines prepared to handle an error return from _tiffSeekProc() in this case? I remember the F2C run-time library failing at this point :).

I didn't write the atari code; it was contributed by alex@falcon.demon.co.uk (Alex Kiernan). I don't believe the library will seek past EOF; it should do explicit writes if it wants to extend an existing file.

ISTR I added this because I found a particular instance where the TIFF library did a seek off of the end of a file & my application wasn't working as a result, but I'm afraid its so long since I touched any of the code/did any work on the Atari I don't remember how/where it was. I'm certain I did it because it was needed, but I simply can't remember the circumstances, also it was for an earlier library rev so it may be that the situation I found can no longer happen.

Alex Kiernan