1997.02.25 17:19 "Is there an email version of comp.lang.c?", by Scott Spiegler

1997.02.27 10:19 "Re: Is there an email version of comp.lang.c?", by Niles Ritter

Can anyone tell me if there is an email version of the newsgroup called comp.lang.c? Our newsreader is off-line and I wanted to keep up with that group and thought this might be the best way to read and post to it.

There's a number of web-page interfaces, as well as email bridges, to many usenet groups. One such is DejaNews, at


To read the news from comp.lang.c, submit this:


(including the percent). If your email is linked to your web browser you can also post.

Yahoo.com also has a listing of pointers to other publicly available usenet servers, to which you can directly set your browser's config for any "news:*" type URL's. Look at:


Good Luck!