2003.12.30 17:04 "[Tiff] TIFFOpen Issue", by Bob Barrett

2003.12.30 18:49 "Re: [Tiff] TIFFOpen Issue", by Frank Warmerdam

Hello, I'm new to this forum and libtiff in general, so any help would be appreciated.....

We are attempting to upgrade our AIX operating system from AIX 4.3.3 to AIX 5.1. We currently use libtiff 3.5.5. in our programs to manipulate incoming faxes. No program changes have been made. If I run the existing executable / libraries created on 4.3.3 on our new 5.1 environment, everything runs fine.

When I recompile our application programs that use libtiff on 5.1, I am unable to open multi-page TIFFs (get a null handle) every time. I don't know why I am unable to open the TIFF files. I even recompiled libtiff with the same results. Does anyone have an idea why this wouldn't work? Is 3.5.5 incompatible with 5.1? Thanks.


I don't see any problem with your code. I would suspect there is some subtle issue with how libtiff is being built that is at the root of your problems. Do the libtiff utilities such as tiffinfo work? If nothing else is obvious I would suggest actually stepping through the code to see what is going wrong. Perhaps set a break in TIFFError.

There should be no significant issues with AIX 5.1, but it is not a common build environment so there could be some build option quirks.

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