1998.04.21 14:00 "libtiff issues", by Tim Shaporev

1998.04.21 17:42 "Re: libtiff issues", by Sam Leffler

I've tried to build some application using libtiff v3.4beta037 and I've found several problems like

The codec works on all test images I've seen (obviously). If you've got a problem you can either provide a sample image where there is a problem and wait for someone to look into why the image cannot be decoded or you can dive into the code yourself. I'd suspect the image given the age and heavy testing the existing codecs have had.

Problem in the test image.

Post diffs or send them to me. I'm far too busy to do anything right now but collect stuff but I _do_ look at everything I receive before I make new distributions (or at least I try to).

Please send/post a fix.

This has been discussed previously on this list but unfortunately there is no active archive of the past postings. The short answer is no. I'll leave it to Tom Lane to post the usual boilerplate long answer.

What is the best place to discuss these issues?

As far as I know this mailing list is the best place to find help on TIFF-related issues.