2003.12.22 23:59 "[Tiff] undefined reference to `TIFFDataWidth'", by Pushkar Pradhan

2003.12.23 08:32 "Re: [Tiff] undefined reference to `TIFFDataWidth'", by Andrey Kiselev

I've another question too, I'm calculating the bitspersample tag from sampleformat tag, will this always give the correct result: (dType is TIFFDataType) (wtags is just a struct containing all the tags I want).

  wtags.sampleFormat = dType;
  wtags.bitsPerSample = TIFFDataWidth(dType)*8;

Yes, this should work right, but it is better to check value returned by the TIFFDataWidth() against 0 before using. It is possible you can get broken or esoterical TIFF with unknown sample type, in this case 0 will be returned.


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