2004.09.27 13:38 "[Tiff] New Adobe DNG (Digital NeGative) TIFF Specification", by Frank Warmerdam

2004.09.28 04:29 "Re: [Tiff] New Adobe DNG (Digital NeGative) TIFF Specification", by Ross A. Finlayson

I see that Adobe has recently released a new specification for a format called DNG to be used for "raw" digital camera images. Details can be found at:


I didn't see any pointers to sample files, and would appreciate it if someone could point me to some. Should DNG prove of broad interest, I am sure we could include the tag definitions in libtiff. Perhaps Joris would like to add them to his tag directory?

See the page - there is a converter that will accept current Camera RAW files and save them as DNG.

Yes, you should include the new tags.

Aw, man, BestQualityScale and MakerNoteSafety are each specified as 50741.

DNG Spec., page 22: BestQualityScale Tag 50741...
DNG Spec., page 35: MakerNoteSafety Tag 50741...

I looked twice, it's still there. Which one is correct, and what's the good value for the other? I think one or the other is 50739, where 867-5309 is Jenny's phone number.

Would you please put the hexadecimal equivalent next to the decimal tag in the field description? That can wait.

Warm regards,

Ross F.