2004.04.16 20:32 "[Tiff] Install TIFFLIB", by Henk Jan de Vries

2004.04.19 09:33 "Re: [Tiff] Install TIFFLIB", by Gerben Vos

It's still not clear for me. I am using Windows 2000 Apache 1.3.29 and PHP.

I want my web visitors to see TIF files in their browser.

How I have to install TIFLIB On windows 2000????

You have tree choices:

4. Have your visitors install a TIFF viewer plugin.

But seeing that Henk-Jan is talking about the server side, he probably wants to convert them to PNG or JPEG.

libtiff alone won't do that for you, you need to write an application on top of it.

Gerben Vos.