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2004.04.20 14:15 "hi", by Ks Negi
2004.04.20 14:42 "Re: hi", by Joris Van Damme
2004.04.20 16:09 "Re: hi", by Gerben Vos
2004.04.20 17:46 "Re: hi", by Joris Van Damme
2004.04.21 14:55 "Re: hi", by Frank Warmerdam
2004.04.22 21:37 "Re: hi", by Joris Van Damme

2004.04.21 14:55 "Re: hi", by Frank Warmerdam

Joris wrote:
> Suggestion to Frank and his software:
> - Is an update available that appends footers the correct way, being to the
> proper parts of MIME messages, not just the bottom of the message which is part
> of no MIME part and thus not ever seen. The new generation of posters doesn't
> even know what plain text is, mails bloat ugly MIME HTML without even being
> aware, and thus we are seeing the footer appended only to old-time poster mails
> these days.


I am not aware of how to change the way that the stuff at the bottom is
added to posts.

> - Is it an option to have this footer explicitaly refer to the
> mailman/listinfo/tiff page as a way to unsubscribing, to cure this old problem
> of people not knowing/remembering how and get angry in the end?

I looked through all the configuration options and was surprised to not find
any control over what text gets attached to messages.

> - Someone suggested to have this footer also point to the new archive, a while
> ago, maybe now is the time to consider that? IIRC, you responded that was an
> option as soon as I was satisfied with the archive and it was being
> auto-updated. I am, and it is, sort-off.

I would be willing to do this if I could control the footer text.

> - Another old discussion: why is the standard reply-to the original sender, and
> not the list? This is troublesome, messages are sent privatly to people that are
> subscribing to a public list, valuable messages are not received by the list by
> mistake, and holes appear in the archives...

This is controversial.   I manage lots of lists which force to reply-to
back to the list and I get lots of complaints.  Here, by happenstance, I
do it the other way and also get complaints.  I am not inclined to change
this (either way) for now as it isn't clear it would be progress.

Best regards,

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