2010.09.02 21:32 "[Tiff] Testers needed for update to tiff2ps", by Richard Nolde

I've been working on a significant update to tiff2ps to correct a number of small bugs such as the handling of TIFF files with X and Y resoltuion tags but no Resolution Unit tag. I have also rebuilt and revised some code that limits the viewport by -W on the output page. I've also flagged some incompatible command line options and removed some Postscript output that should not be included when the format is Encapsulated Postscript, eg the Top binding option and Tumble options were allowed previously. I've also added a few new command line options to specify a document title and creator other than the default filename and "tiff2ps" respectively. I have not changed any of the functions handling the generation of postscript for the TIFF image data per se.

I'm looking for testers in the next couple of days to provide feedback on their use of this version. Please email me if you can test with your own data files and I will send you my current source which is based on the 3.9 branch from CVS. Alternately, if you have unusual TIFF files with alpha channels, various compression schemes, and non-standard sizes that you can share, please send them to me as well.

Richard Nolde