2004.10.01 02:33 "[Tiff] TIFFTAG_XMLPACKET - UNDEFINED to BYTE", by Frank Warmerdam


I have modified the tif_dirinfo.c definition for TIFFTAG_XMLPACKET to use type TIFFTAG_BYTE instead of TIFFTAG_UNDEFINED. The Adobe XMP specification (and Joris' directory) list it as type BYTE. Does anyone know why we might have put it as undefined before? We can include both definitions if some files use the undefined type.

This prevents quite annoying errors when reading files produced by Photoshop with this tag.

I also modified tif_print.c to print out the contents of the XMLPacket if it is found. However, this produces quite a bit of text in the tiffinfo report so I wouldn't be surprised to find that we want to regress that to just report that it is present.

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