2004.04.04 19:06 "[Tiff] (no subject)", by Axel Antas

2004.04.04 19:26 "Re: [Tiff] (no subject)", by Frank Warmerdam

I would appreciate some help. I have worked on 2 files that I saved as .tiffs, they are 3.6gb each. Now I cant open them after closing them. Photoshop says disk error. is there ANY way i can go around this to open the file. a lot of work would otherwise be lost. very much appreciate any help or suggestions...


I would suggest trying other TIFF based utilities, perhaps even the libtiff ones. Many TIFF applications cannot read TIFF files larger than 2GB but I would have thought that Photoshop would handle up to 4GB.

If the file is actually OK then other programs can be used to read the TIFF file and perhaps split it into two or more smaller files. If the file is corrupt then you would likely need to do some custom hacking to try and recover some of the data.

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