2004.09.30 14:10 "[Tiff] TIFFGetConfiguredCODECs bug", by Julien Demaria

2004.09.30 14:14 "Re: [Tiff] TIFFGetConfiguredCODECs bug", by Frank Warmerdam

In the current libtiff and GDAL CVS there is a bug in the new TIFFGetConfiguredCODECs function:

for (cd = registeredCODECS; cd; cd = cd->next) {
                 codecs = _TIFFrealloc(codecs, i * sizeof(TIFFCodec));
                _TIFFmemcpy(codecs + i - 1, cd->next, sizeof(TIFFCodec));

the "cd->next" in _TIFFmemcpy shoul be "cd" only.

This function crashs only if there is at least one registered non-builtin codec...


I have submitted this in the libtiff bug database. Luckily we have caught this in time to fix before the TIFF 3.7.0 final release.


I would encourage you to add yourself to the cc list. You might also want to add details to help me assess the risk this cases in GDAL.

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