2004.03.22 10:09 "[Tiff] Problem reading TIFF-Deflation mode !!!", by David Excoffier

2004.03.23 06:22 "Re: [Tiff] Problem reading TIFF-Deflation mode !!!", by Andrey Kiselev


I have to convert a Tiff image using deflation mode (zip), in "uncompressed" (-c none)

The problem is that libTiff does not want to read my TIFF file! When I am using tiffcp, it tells me "Deflate compression support is not configued"!

I have the correct zlib in the correct path, I have defined the flag "ZIP=yes", defined the 2 variables DIRS_LIBINC, and DIR_GZLIB, even defined ZIP_SUPPORT in tiffconf.h, I got no error or warning during compilation, but nothing seems to work!

Are you sure you are using newly compiled libtiff and tiffcp and not preinstalled ones? Enabling 'ZIP=yes' in config.site should be enough. If your libz located in the unusual place there is may be need to tweak DIRS_LIBINC and DIR_GZLIB, you will get compiling or linking error otherwise.

Does Tifflib is able to convert a TIFF file defined in deflation mode (zip),?



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