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2000.07.16 19:00 "MODCA support?", by Thomas Ehardt
2000.07.17 19:54 "Re: MODCA support?", by Nenad Rijavec

2000.07.17 19:54 "Re: MODCA support?", by Nenad Rijavec

This may be easy to do, depending on what kind of MODCA you have. If you have MODCA that contains just IOCA (i.e., pure image, with no fonts, graphics, etc), has one object per image and uses smething standard (like FS10), it should be easy to do. If you are interested, let me know and I'll explain how to do it - I don't think the details would interest the whole list.

For general MODCA, this is a non-trivial task, since it involves ripping the document. While IBM has an AFP viewer that is (I think) freely downloadable and would do what you need for a few images, I am not aware of anything covered by GPL that would convert on the scale you are looking for. IBM Printing Systems has various ways of doing the conversion, but I'd need to know a bit more about your system and requirements before I could suggest a reasonable course of action.


Nenad Rijavec
IOCA Architect
IBM Printing Systems Division