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2004.02.02 16:22 "[Tiff]", by Frank Warmerdam


Great news! While we do not have control of the domain, the current owner has agreed to let us manually update the content as long as we leave his promotional links at the bottom. This means we can ensure that the web site is not misleading or confusing to those interested in libtiff and TIFF.

I would note that is considered to be the primary libtiff site, and is the official mirror. I would prefer that people not promote or link to the web site as it might easily fall out of our reach again.

The owner apparently paid significant money to purchase the domain as it has some good google-karma which can apparently be leveraged for non-tiff related things. While we can all have opinions on whether this is legitimate or not, I would prefer to put this episode behind us without any undue bashing of our new "benefactor".

I would add that it was Andrey who made the contact (and with my encouragement) arranged the current setup. Great work Andrey!

Best regards,

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