2009.08.27 18:35 "[Tiff] Old and New JPEG Compression with Single libtiff?", by Kevin Myers

2009.08.27 19:00 "Re: [Tiff] Old and New JPEG Compression with Single libtiff?", by Bob Friesenhahn

Sometime within the past few months, I recall seeing a message posted on the Tiff list where the poster had some kind of idea regarding how to support both old and new JPEG compression in tiff files using the same libtiff, i.e. no need to compile separate versions. Does anyone else recall this? Does anyone know if or when this might get included in a release?

Is there a libtiff which writes old JPEG format? If so, it must be really old (3.5.6?). The Adobe technical note which describes new JPEG format is dated 2002. Libtiff 3.9.0 and later provide decent support for reading old JPEG format.

There are no future plans for libtiff to write old JPEG format.

The reason I ask is that because I recently found that my high dollar Kodak i280 scanner produces *old* JPEG compressed grayscale images of standard documents, while on the other hand it also produces *new* JPEG compressed color images for stitched long documents (e.g. well logs). Stuff like this just kills me. What kind of developer would implement conflicting garbage like that, especially for a multi-thousand dollar scanner? Anyway, I also


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