1998.04.21 14:00 "libtiff issues", by Tim Shaporev

1998.04.21 15:44 "Re: libtiff issues", by Tom Lane

I can't speak to those other issues, but as to this one: there is no support for TIFF 6.0 style JPEG in libtiff, and I doubt there ever will be.

The big problem with TIFF 6 JPEG is that no two implementations are compatible. See TechNote #2 for a discussion of the ambiguities in the spec, which are bad enough. But worse, there are a number of implementations which don't adhere to *any* reading of the spec, but just dropped whatever they damn pleased into the file and called it "TIFF JPEG".

I don't plan to waste my time dealing with that morass, and I haven't seen any other volunteers stepping up either...

                        regards, tom lane
                        organizer, Independent JPEG Group