2003.12.29 16:04 "[Tiff] Jpeg Compression causing black lines in 3.6.1", by Carl Collin

2004.01.02 15:14 "Please don't post large files (was: [Tiff] Jpeg Compression causing black lines in 3.6.1)", by Rich Pasco

Please don't post large files to this (or any) e-mail list.

Some of us receive our mail over slow modem connections, and a large attachment in the incoming e-mail really backs up the stream.

The preferred way of sharing a large file is to post it to your HTTP or FTP server and include only the address link in your mail. This especially applies when posting to a large list where only a few of the recipients are likely to really want your file.

In this case, your file arrived when I was downloading my e-mail on a laptop from a hotel room with a slow modem connection where I was paying by the minute.

- Rich