2008.06.04 09:02 "[Tiff] RE: Re: Different between tiff_config.h and Tiffconf.h", by Mitesh

2008.06.04 17:28 "Re: [Tiff] RE: Re: Different between tiff_config.h and Tiffconf.h", by Bob Friesenhahn

What is the difference between tiff_config.h and Tiffconf.h

I'm afraid I'm still confused on these files. I get the impression that tif_config.h is strictly internal to the library while tiffconf.h gets installed with the other public include files and may be used by applications. But there does seem to be quite a bit of duplication between them.

Before libtiff got a configure script, it was normal for the features of each libtiff to be different. As a result, applications included tiffconf.h and tested for feature support via the *_SUPPORT defines. There are many useful applications which use libtiff but which are no longer actively maintained. Without supporting this legacy usage, these old applications will fail to compile. Even many current applications will use this header since they want to continue working with anchient libtiff as well.

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