2008.06.06 21:47 "[Tiff] Mac OS X universal binary PowerPC endian issues", by Ryan Schmidt

2008.06.07 02:39 "Re: [Tiff] Mac OS X universal binary PowerPC endian issues", by Bob Friesenhahn

Hello. I use MacPorts [1] to install tiff 3.8.2. There is no problem when building for only the native architecture. But a ticket was filed in the MacPorts issue tracker [2] for a problem when a universal binary of tiff is built using the usual Apple-recommended procedure [3] (configure and build once using "-arch i386 -arch ppc"). The problem is that the configure-time macros tiff uses to determine the endianness always detect Intel endianness in this case, so the PowerPC binaries don't function correctly:

I read that autoconf 2.62 includes a fix to address building OS-X universal binaries. I have not researched to see what this fix is. If this is true then the problem may be resolved without any patch.

Finally, a concern was voiced in our ticket that tiff's "make check" didn't catch this problem.

The test suite does not do very much yet. It should do more the next release.

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