2003.12.26 20:55 "[Tiff] Convert *.doc or *.txt to tiff format.", by Sławomir Małolepszy

2003.12.28 22:06 "Re: [Tiff] Convert *.doc or *.txt to tiff format.", by Andrey Kiselev

Could you tell me how I can convert doc file (MS Word document) or text file (Notepad) or other (for example MS Excel) to tiff format. Is there any free solution for that problem? I'm interesting with external solution (application with API), but especially want to do it in my asp.net application in C#, so I need a example source code that could do it.

Please, look here for an answer on similar question:


MS Word file can be saved into PostScript using PostScript printer driver and rasterized afterwards.

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