1997.05.12 02:55 "documentation", by Richard Mlynarik

1997.05.12 02:55 "documentation", by Richard Mlynarik

Lose the

"This documentation is best viewed using a graphical browser that supports the latest HTML directives for formatting documents. In particular, this document was authored for viewing with version 1.1 or newer of the Netscape Navigator."

advertisment (for a really-obsolete product) from all html/*.html

Add a reference to http://www-mipl.jpl.nasa.gov/~ndr/tiff/ to ftp://ftp.sgi.com/graphics/tiff/README

Change the reference to ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/DeveloperSupport/TechNotes/PDFfiles/TIFF6.pdf in html/document.html to point to http://www.adobe.com/supportservice/devrelations/technotes.html (or perhaps http://www.adobe.com/supportservice/devrelations/PDFS/TN/TIFF6.pdf)

Is there anything to be said about the (largely badly thought-out) stuff in http://www.adobe.com/supportservice/devrelations/PDFS/TN/TIFFPM6.pdf??

The reference to Tiff Technical Notes in html/index.html might like to mention http://www.adobe.com/supportservice/devrelations/PDFS/TN/TIFFPM6.pdf Or perhaps not.