2009.05.11 14:58 "[Tiff] How to tell if an image file is a TIFF or PDF", by Navarro, Miguel

2009.05.13 20:39 "[Tiff] [ 64-bit warning in tif_pixarlog.c", by Edward Lam

When I compile libtiff from CVS HEAD using MSVC on 64-bit Windows, I get

this warning in tif_pixarlog.c:

tif_pixarlog.c(1146): warning C4267: '=': conversion from 'size_t' to 'uInt', possible loss of data

Given that it seems that someone else had also added an explicit cast to uInt when assigning to avail_in in PixarLogPreDecode(), I think it's safe to add an explicit cast at line 1146 as well?