1998.04.21 11:40 "I cant "configure" on a DEC", by Silverman Bill



ULTRIX white 4.3 1 RISC

the configure script produces the diagnostic:

  configure: syntax error at line 76: `(' unexpected

If I comment out the function bitch(), I get:

  configure: syntax error at line 85: `(' unexpected


Apparently my /bin/sh doesn't like you to declare functions. I looked at the man page for sh, and sure enough, the spec for:

   name () {list;}

is missing - i.e. you cant define a function in an sh script. Is there some simple known hack for this problem?

/bin/sh is the oldest file in /bin (on white):

    -rwxr-xr-x  1 root        45056 Nov 15  1991 sh*

Happy configurations.