2009.07.02 18:15 "[Tiff] Access violation in TiffOpen Function in "write" mode", by acanicio

2009.07.02 18:15 "[Tiff] Access violation in TiffOpen Function in "write" mode", by acanicio

Hello everybody,

I use LibTiffDelphi version with LibTiff version

I have an issue using the TiffOpen Function. Whenever I try to open a Tiff

file in "w" (write) mode, I get an access violation.

I have traced the error through the following stack of calls:

1 - In my program:
OpenTiff is a pointer.

Filename is a string containing the value 'c:\dev\testtiff\test.tif';

Of course, the file does NOT exist. The directory does.

OpenTiff :=TTiffOpen(PAnsichar(Filename),'w');

2 - In LibTiffDelphi.pas line 1652 function TTiffOpen:

<< Result:=TIFFClientOpen(PChar(Name),PChar(Mode),fd,@TIFFFileReadProc,@TIFFFileWriteProc,@TIFFFileSeekProc,@TIFFFileCloseProc,@TIFFFileSizeProc,@TIFFNoMapProc,@TIFFNoUnmapProc);


3 - In tif_open.c line 333, function TIFFClientOpen:
if (!TIFFDefaultDirectory(tif))
goto bad;

4 - In tif_dir.c, line 1198, function TIFFDefaultDirectory:

5 - In tif_dir.c, line 708, function TIFFSetField:
status = TIFFVSetFIeld(tif,tag,ap);

6 - In tif_dir.c,line 177, function TIFFVSetFIeld:
if(status = TIFSetCompressionScheme(tif,v) !=0)

7 - In tif_compress.c function TIFSetCompressionScheme:

TIFFSetCompressionScheme(TIFF* tif, int scheme)
const TIFFCodec *c = TIFFFindCODEC((uint16) scheme);

return (c? (*c->init)(tif, scheme): 1);

It crashes at the "return" clause, with the following error:

"Access violation at address B0B8005C. Read of address B0B8005C."

I don't have a C compiler so I cannot make changes to it or even test...

Thank you for any help.
Best regards


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