TIFF and LibTiff Mail List Archive


1999.08.13 19:32 " -- new release (sorta) and website", by Michael L. Welles
1999.08.14 10:27 "TR: Modification in LibTiff 3.4b037 to remove warning in Visual C++ 5.0, NOT INTEGRATED in 3.5.1", by Gilles Vollant
1999.08.16 18:51 "Anonymous CVS access to libtiff repository.", by Michael L. Welles
1999.09.26 18:15 "tiff 3.5.2 available", by Michael L. Welles
1999.09.26 19:27 "tiff 3.5.2 released", by Michael L. Welles
1999.09.30 03:51 "Re: tiff 3.5.2 available", by Kiriakos Georgiou
1999.09.30 05:14 "Re: tiff 3.5.2 available", by Sam Leffler
1999.09.30 01:02 "Re: TIFF member list compromised (not really)", by Kiriakos Georgiou
1999.09.29 09:02 "TIFF member list compromised", by Michael L. Welles

1999.08.13 19:32 " -- new release (sorta) and website", by Michael L. Welles

I've just about finished mucking with the release html docs abd have put them up at I've essentially just sam's old email off the bottom, and updated the contact information.

I've also taken the version that I had with IPTC and Photoshop captioning support and tarred it up and placed on

I've mirrored the original SGI archive there now as well.

I've put all the code into CVS, and once onshore gets their new "external" CVS server up, will be able to give access to the repository to anyone who needs it. In the meantime, I guess I'll add whatever submissions anyone has manually.

Hopefully the public cvs server should be available in a few weeks.

M. L.  Welles