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2000.01.25 13:29 "libtiff: bugreport (many bugs)", by Stanislav Brabec
2000.01.25 15:42 "Re: libtiff: bugreport (many bugs)", by Chris Hanson
2000.01.25 16:17 "Re: libtiff: bugreport (many bugs)", by Michael L. Welles
2000.01.25 22:10 "(Re:) tiff2ps: G4 compression in PostScript", by Stanislav Brabec
2000.01.28 07:39 "Re: libtiff: bugreport (many bugs)", by Tom Lane

2000.01.25 15:42 "Re: libtiff: bugreport (many bugs)", by Chris Hanson

Testing libtiff I have found there many bugs and problems:


Configuring sed script is buggy. It works for old GNU sed, but not, for example, for GNU sed 3.02.80. Replacing of empty string is bad idea. fix: filter configure by following sed script :-)


The configure script also does not include support for Apple's Mac OS X Server. (I've pointed this out before; see the list archives.)

Manually specifying --host=powerpc-apple-rhapsody5.5 to configure and then hacking the generated Makefiles creates working tools and libraries, though.

The Group 4 Fax compression standard is available as a PDF that can be downloaded from the ITU for a nominal fee. It's at <>.

-- Chris