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February 1999

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1999.02.04 22:51 "3D TIFF", by Stewart Heitmann

Hi all,
I have a need to store 3D pixel volumes (from CT scanners)
and I am looking to TIFF as a convenient file format to use.
Sam Leffler mentions 3D volumes in his web pages describing
his libtiff library,

"Tiles and strips may also be extended in a z dimension
to form volumes."

but fails to describe how this should be done.
I was wondering if there is an emerging pseudo-standard
for handling 3D volumes in TIFF. Or failing that, has
anybody already registered a bunch of private tags for this

Stewart Heitmann
Software Engineer,  Image and Signal Processing
CSIRO Telecommunications and Industrial Physics
phone: +61 2 9372 4320     fax: +61 2 9372 4411