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June 2008

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2008.06.21 14:50 "Observing the LibTIFF Development Team", by Gene Amtower

To all,

As a long-time developer on development teams of 1, I just wanted to say
that signing up on this list has been very educational for me.  Reading
the comments relative to version compatibility, release decisions,
testing, etc. has given me a greater understanding into the challenges
that come with a team of developers, and this experience will also have
an impact on my own development work within my tight-knit little team of
me, myself, and I.  I get all the trade magazines on development, but
none of them are as educational as watching an actual development
community work together.

While I have yet to become involved in actual code development in any
open-source community, this community has been very positive and patient
with all who post questions and comments, from both within the team and
outside of it.  If they all work similar to this community, I would
certainly be excited to be involved in any of them as my own experience
and talents allow.

My hat's off to all those involved in the various aspects of the libtiff

   Gene Amtower
   PC Backup