2000.04.17 19:03 "SGI tiff 3.5.5 make install error .....", by Hezekiah Mcmurray

2000.04.19 13:13 "RE: autoconf based configure", by Bob Friesenhahn

I am very much against autoconf. It assumes the entire world is a hosted environment and barfs if the linker doesn't assume there's something special about main(). As a result, I ended up doing ten times as much work to port the package than if it had just been a straightforward make file and C code.

Autoconf would be targeted specifically to Unix/Linux and Cygwin users. There would still be generic Makefiles to support other environments.

Autoconf does include support for cross-configuration, but this may assume that an ANSI C compiliant main() exists (I don't know). For embedded OSs like VxWorks you would want to use a traditional Makefile as the starting point.

Bob Friesenhahn