1994.12.15 05:34 "TIFF File Naming Conventions/Standards?", by Clark Brady

1994.12.17 06:24 "Re: TIFF File Naming Conventions/Standards?", by Clark Brady

Any additional interest in the prior message about file name standards for multiple TIFF files?

Thanks to Bill Davis for his comments.

From an Object Oriented standpoint, a set of multiple single images should be a single entity. If we consider other file formats, the

While I agree, there are still many systems today that produce multiple single page images. I was attempting to suggest that a set of standards could help everyone deal with multiple files as if they were one. From an OO perspective it doesn't matter if the implementation is one directory with multiple files or one file with multiple pages. I'd really like to be able to define a convient set of methods for images and have all systems follow those guidelines...However, establishing a set of naming conventions could also help the implmentation details of such a defintion.

Having a convention for the use of names in various operating systems is nice, but the same convention can be used to have a group of GIF files or a group of text files.

It wouldn't bother me that a standard could be used for more than one thing. I'd be glad that the convention would be reused....I thought reuse was fundamental to OO?

Putting something that in a library causes so many OS dependencies that the extension and maintenance of the TIFF specific parts of the library would inevitably suffer.

I do agree that it would be difficult to have an efficient library that covers many different operating systems. However, from some head aches that I've had before I also think it would be worth it

Any body else got any ideas?

Know any businesses that have worked through this or are interested in addressing this?

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