2008.05.19 05:52 "[Tiff] GDAL vs LibTiff?", by Garry Petrie

2008.05.19 05:52 "[Tiff] GDAL vs LibTiff?", by Garry Petrie

I recently posted a question regarding reading 32bit sample size for a DEM geotiff file. The offending code appears in


which on the onset seemed odd, since I expected the file to be interpreted as a black/white image. At this point I can not tell if I got to this point in the code by taking a wrong branch, or if correct, the code can not handle the data type. It was suggested I look at GDAL. I pulled the 1.5.1 version and scanned through the zip archive. The archive contains the same code as LibTiff (less a version or two). I would expect the same problem using GDAL. I guess I could try the OpenEV executable to see if it can read my test geotiff.

I am pretty much a hobbyist here, no big corporate backer, and usually don't spend a lot of time in open-source forums. I would appreciate any insight as to the best approach into processing these DEM files and whether folks are more synched with GDAL.