2007.07.11 00:04 "[Tiff] BigTIFF, let the race begin!", by Bob Friesenhahn

2007.07.11 16:13 "[Tiff] RE: Tiff Digest, Vol 38, Issue 22", by Kemp Watson

Well, we've got thousands of images around 200,000x100,000 pixels. Should be able to make one or two 600,000 x 300,000 images to try, too. I don't have source to the new BigTIFF library, but we're using Aperio's already (who have made a 1 TB BigTIFF). If anyone can point me to the souce, I'll try it out.


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Today I used GraphicsMagick in conjunction with the BigTIFF capable

libtiff (still under development) from CVS to create a 9.2GB tiled

TIFF file on an Intel FreeBSD system. Not being satisifed with that,

I then switched over to a SPARC Solaris system and created an 18GB

stripped TIFF, with one row per strip. Both files were read to verify
sane content.

While GraphicsMagick can handle huge files (except for under Windows),

I am sure that some other software is better equipped for this task.

I am interested to hear about the largest BigTIFF files (with verified

readability) that people are able to write using their applications.

Let the race begin!

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