2007.07.09 07:59 "[Tiff] Need help to merge bilevel tiffs", by Oliver Geisen


what i want to place one (or more) TIFF images (all of them in G4 compression) into a given image and also set the x,y coordinates where each subsequent image should be placed. Thinking of a syntax like:

placetiff [path to "sheet"] [left...] [top pixel of following image] [path to 1. image]...

placetiff /tmp/broadsheet.tif 184 790 /tmp/image_ad1.tif

So, i searched around but could not find any tool which provides this on Linux using libtiff and is fast enough. Oh yes, i tried image- magick and netbpm. They both work, but are incredible slow working with G4 tiffs. So my last hope is to code it myself, but i'm less experienced using image-programming.

Maybe i can get some help from YOU :-) Can someone point out how to solve this problem?

The main goal it to place ONE image into another. Placing many images would be fine, but is not necessarry (now).


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