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It's the "Except for..." that I'm interested in.

You provide useful information and considerable thought, but I fail to see your point.

I can see that. Put simply, the 'why' is often more important to know and understand than the 'how' or 'what'.

You certainly explained the 'how' & 'what'. I'm just interested in understanding 'why', which I've never heard answered. I've told you why 'why' is useful and important to prepress/print. I'm interested in other peoples 'why'.

People say they need BigTIFF, but why? Really why? To answer "'cause I need to write large files"doesn't answer the why. The number of times I've heard people say something, and then when pressed as to why and discussed further the answer has actually been something quite different.

I'm not knocking BigTIFF at all. I can understand it's useful. I can understand it's fun - and you're getting paid to have that fun (which as a developer is a really great place to be), which is fine.

And why? Because I'm curious, I like to learn, I like to understand,...