2007.07.03 18:37 "[Tiff] BigTIFF extension?", by Phil Harvey

2007.07.05 18:51 "Re: [Tiff] Re: BigTIFF", by Craig Bruce

The possibility of modifying and rebuilding software to make it compatible is not the same as compatibility in existing software. If you run any existing TIFF reader on any BigTIFF file, the reader will be unable to interpret it.

I believe the BigTIFF spec says something to the effect that if the writing application determines that it will not be generating a >4GB file that it should write ClassicTIFF instead. Therefore, "BigTIFF" is 100% compatible with all existing software up to 4GB. The writing application will normally know all of the parameters before-hand to make this decision.

BigTIFF is also 100% compatible with all existing software for ClassicTIFF images above 4GB. (Since there is no such thing.)

So there you have it -- 100% compatibility.

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