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A bit of a hi-jack, but it's a valid question. All these people who want to use BigTIFF, what sort of compression are they planning on using? Any? None? Is their image data 1 bit (Huffman, G3, G4, LZW, JBIG or...) or 8 bit (LZW, Flate or...)?

Just curious.

As far as I know, the answer is 'any and all'. There's no reason I know off why their intention as to compression should be any different from the intention ClassicTIFF users had before. Except for...

Some TIFF users may have a slight preference for no compression, because of interchange reasons or some other private reasons that have to do with their image flow inside their process. It's reasonable to assume these users are the ones that suffer most from ClassicTIFF size limitation, so they might be the first to resort to BigTIFF in bigger numbers, so we might see a higher percentage of BigTIFF files that are not compressed, compared to ClassicTIFF files that are not compressed.

Also, some particular domains of applications of TIFF, like georeferencing and medical imaging software, might be the ones that traditionally write the largest TIFFs, and suffer the ClassicTIFF size limitation more then, say, FAX communication software. So, compression modes like JPEG or so that are often used in these fields, might also be seen in slightly higher percentages in BigTIFF.

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