2006.07.18 07:30 "[Tiff] C# interop for libtiff?", by Gerben Vos

2006.07.24 11:32 "RE: [Tiff] C# interop for libtiff?", by Tillaart, Rob van den

Hi Gerben,

I did some C# interop in a project last year (no libtiff, sorry). In this project I added an serialization layer between the C++ library and the C# stuff. In fact I packed it all into plain strings as performance was no issue (using stringbuilder on the C# side). Maybe this same technique can be used for varargs. At least you can implement up to N varargs by mapping them straightforward.

A more elaborate example of how to call the sprintf from C# can be found



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Inspired by Ivan Kopcanski's question, I have been experimenting a bit in my spare time with C# interoperation for LibTIFF; I've gotten TIFFOpen() and TIFFClose() to work already, but am still thinking about how to implement the variable-arguments TIFFSetField() in a nice way. (I've even been thinking about emitting appropriate functions during runtime, generating them from the tags table.)

Has someone else already done something in this area which you can share?

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