2006.09.20 06:24 "[Tiff] <1 bit raw file for tiff file format>", by Geeta Sharma

2006.09.20 14:42 "Re: [Tiff] <1 bit raw file for tiff file format>", by Gerben Vos

If I take the raw file (RAW_1_bit_180 x 145.raw) and save it as TIFF file in Irfan view with No compression.

> Stripbyte count in the generated tiff file(RAW_1_bit_180 x 145 > _Irfan_none.tif) is less than the raw data in the raw file.

180 pixels horizontal fits in ceil(180 / 8) = 23 bytes, and 23 x 145 = 3335.

So all pixels should be there.

Most probably, the original raw image aligned the scanlines on two-byte boundaries instead of on single-byte boundaries like in TIFF, because 24 x 145 = 3480 = the size of the original raw file.

You could try to convert the raw file as a 192 x 145 pixel image to see the padding bits as pixels (24 x 8 = 192).

Gerben Vos.