2006.07.21 12:40 "[Tiff] How to save in tiff format file?", by Toh kc

2006.07.25 13:41 "RE: [Tiff] How to save in tiff format file?", by

TIFFWriteScanline(dif, &array[k], k);

I think this should be:

        TIFFWriteScanline(dif, &array[k * Gwidth] , k);

I second that thought.

One more idea: Kach, to help you catch some errors like this, you can set up your array in a conspicuous manner; for instance, leave it all filled with 0, except for a diagnoal line with value 255 (say), from top-left corner to bottom-right. Also, maybe choose a value of 127 for the four corner pixels. This way, you'll notice things like skew problems and fencepost errors in the handling of your data. In the case of mistake #2, if the expected diagonal line is actually vertical, it suggests there's some kind of error in the indexing of the source data ('array'). Note, this is just a general technique, and if you make mistake in setting up your data, and make a precisely complementary mistake (improbable) in the other code, it might slip by undetected. :-)