2005.10.13 11:12 "[Tiff] Resend: Black image", by Katrina Maramba

2005.10.19 06:09 "Re: [Tiff] Resend: Black image", by Katrina Maramba

--- Al Eridani <al.eridani@gmail.com> wrote:

On 10/13/05, katrina maramba <ka3na_423@yahoo.com> wrote:

StripByteCount = 523872

Notice that its strip byte count is extremely large.

I don't think this strip byte count is large at all. With the image dimensions you have

quoted, it indicates a density of about 4.4 pixels per byte. As you give no indication of

the number of colors of the image, compression used, etc. it is hard to make a guess.

500KB is pretty big for firmware with limited memory. You'd have to allocate the whole thing and that would take a lot.

Anyway, when I run this image through my parser that calls the API TIFFReadRGBAStrip(), it SOMETIMES outputs an all-black image. There's nothing in it, its all black. Note that I indicated "sometimes". This is not reproducible all the time.

When a program gives different results for different runs, it is almost always due to

variables that are used before being initialized, so they contain just whatever their

corresponding memory positions contained when they were allocated. Make sure that you correctly initialize any variables (both scalars and arrays) before using


I dont think its because of the variables. I use the same codes. The difference is the ENVIRONMENT, which can be the host (PC) or integrated in the firmware. Of course, when I run it in the host, it works well everytime because of the availability of memory.

In TIFFReadRGBAStrip, what are the variables/buffers that you allocate inside? This API has the output and input buffer as its parameters. What else does it need inside? Does it allocate a very big amount of memory inside?


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