2005.01.07 20:18 "[Tiff] JPEG (T.30-E, fax) in TIFF", by Lee Howard

2005.02.08 18:38 "Re: [Tiff] JPEG (T.30-E, fax) in TIFF", by Lee Howard

> Soon enough I hope to have color fax support (at least
> receiving) in the HylaFAX core source repository.

Drop us a line when you do.


As you may notice, it takes a patch to libjpeg, a patch to libtiff, and then a patch to HylaFAX. We'll be ready to commit changes in HylaFAX within a month or two, I suspect. However, libjpeg is a very, very slow mover, and (although there's been some talk) I don't see any changes happening there any time soon.

On the HylaFAX side there still is some work to do to make things "elegant" (such as creating a new "FaxRecvParams" tag in which to store fax DCS information).