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2005.09.23 23:32 "RE: [Tiff] Additional Lossless Compression Schemes", by Philip Watkinson

Hi Frank,

What about adding IBM MMR compression. It is very, very similar to CCITT 3 compression. Leadtools, Accusoft and others have it in their imaging toolkits. It is an older compression and is found in large legacy applications (MVS).


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I was wondering if there is much interest in adding more lossless compression schemes in libtiff.

In addition to Packbits (pretty crappy) we have LZW and the more recent Deflate. My understanding is that Deflate is usually better than the old LZW though not as widely supported. Also, that Deflate is essentially the "zip" compression type.

Since then I have seen "gzip" on Unix, but I am not clear if that is just deflate or not.

Then came bzip2 which seem 5-10% better in that gzip on many datasets.

Now looking around a bit I see LZMA which I have heard good things about.


Are there any opinions on possibly incorporating LZMA as an additional compression type?