2005.09.26 05:53 "[Tiff] TIFF Image from Ricoh Caplio GX", by Katrina Maramba

Hi everyone,

My code works fine with Olympus Cameras, Konica Minolta A2 and Sony F828. HOwever when I tried processing an image from Ricoh Caplio GX, it had a data abort and the backtrace revealed the data abort was in tif_color.c, line 184 which is the line:

*g = ycbcr->clamptab[ycbcr->Y_tab[Y]
            + (int)((ycbcr->Cb_g_tab[Cb] +
ycbcr->Cr_g_tab[Cr]) >> SHIFT)];

in this function:

TIFFYCbCrtoRGB(TIFFYCbCrToRGB *ycbcr, uint32 Y, int32
Cb, int32 Cr,
               uint32 *r, uint32 *g, uint32 *b)
        /* XXX: Only 8-bit YCbCr input supported for now */
        Y = CLAMP(Y, 0, 255), Cb = CLAMP(Cb, 0, 255), Cr =
CLAMP(Cr, 0, 255);

        *r = ycbcr->clamptab[ycbcr->Y_tab[Y] +
        *g = ycbcr->clamptab[ycbcr->Y_tab[Y]

            + (int)((ycbcr->Cb_g_tab[Cb] +

ycbcr->Cr_g_tab[Cr]) >> SHIFT)];

        *b = ycbcr->clamptab[ycbcr->Y_tab[Y] +


Please advise me on what I can do or what I did wrong to encounter this error.

Thank you very much!


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