2005.09.23 21:11 "[Tiff] Additional Lossless Compression Schemes", by Frank Warmerdam

2005.09.25 19:53 "Re: [Tiff] Additional Lossless Compression Schemes", by Andy Cave

Boy that's small - 4K.

In the pre-press world, a number of CtP devices are using TIFF these days. There, rsolutions tend to be 2400 dpi or 2540 dpi (or higher - 3048 dpi, or for security printing even higher - 9600 dpi), with plates as large as 50" x 50". So a single scan line is 120-127K (- 150K, or for security printing...) wide. That's a very good reason for making a strip 2M.



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I'm not sure what Joris meant here by "large", I'd like to point out that more and more CG films are going to IMAX. According to one source (http://cat2.mit.edu/sagrada/cg.htm), the typical resolution here is 4K wide although the theoretical limit of IMAX is 8K.