2006.08.11 05:17 "[Tiff] EPS Tiff Preview.", by Amit gupta

2006.08.11 05:17 "[Tiff] EPS Tiff Preview.", by Amit gupta


I am using QuarkXPress on Macintosh to generate EPS Files with Tiff Preview embedded in it.

I have written some C code to extract Tiff Preview from EPS files generated which works pretty well.

I want do some image manipulation on the extracted tiff images, for which I intend to use LibTiff on Macintosh.

The problem right now I am facing is that LibTiff api TIFFOpen returns a NULL pointer when used with tiff images extracted from

EPS files, whereas it returns a valid pointer for normal Tiff images.

Sample code snippet:

TIFF* ptrTiff = TIFFOpen("TiffPreview.tif", "rb");





Is there any difference between a normal Tiff Image and Tiff Preview Image Extracted from EPS.

Thanks in Advance!!


- Amit Gupta

Technical Consultant

Appulse Ltd.