2007.07.01 17:12 "[Tiff] Re: BigTIFF extension issue", by Bob Friesenhahn

2007.07.03 10:54 "Re: [Tiff] Re: BigTIFF extension issue", by Joris Van Damme


Given the state of the computing universe, does anyone care about three character file extensions any more? Are there systems still in use (reasonably expected to encounter a BigTIFF file) which make their format decisions based on a three character extension, or is this behavior now effectively extinct?

Definetly. In the Windows GUI environment, the standard file dialog has file filters. This is the reason why we changed filenames like tif_config.h.vc to tif_config.vc.h instead: the development environment pops up the file dialog with filters like *.h;*.c and such active, and tif_config.h.vc is not even seen by the user.

To me, this is and example of legit and proper use of file extensions. It is unreasonably to spend a lot of processing power to magically detect file format of potentially thousands of files each time a folder (aka directory) is viewed in the file dialog and a helpful filter is active.

Another good example of systems making format decision based on a three character extension, is users, doing file browsing and file-level operations. These systems too, are guided by the extension.

In my mind BigTIFF is TIFF, and TIFF is *.tif.

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Joris Van Damme
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